About Us

A few people passionate about this field decided to share their experience, their knowledge as well their ideas about obtaining best results. These have been completed with the joy of knowing other people. Equally full of passion as they, but in different areas of expertise.

After a while, the whole world has become aware of our existence and we decided that the slogan „Experience, passion, enthusiasm” represents us because:

  • - The experience recommend us;
  • - The passion drive us;
  • - The enthusiasm leads us.

We are inviting you to be acquainted with our team.
We will share our secrets with you so that you and your business will benefit from them; we will protect you from those who want to steal the name, the ideas or the design of your products and of your business.

We are waiting for you anytime!

Raluca Ardeleanu

European Trademark and Design Attorney
Senior Partner

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